At Kingsbridge University, we work to make life easy for our students. Our online education system is open step towards it. A lot of people ask the questions if the online education degree is as good as the conventional university degree. And our accreditation body will answer to all these skeptics that the degrees we provide and the degrees you earn are completely legitimate.

Kingsbridge University is internationally accredited by GACOI (Global Accreditation Council of Online Institutions) that gives global recognition to our university. The accreditation by GACOI is a sign that Kingsbridge University have maintained high standard of imparting education, have the renowned faculty required and the curriculum that will be used to educate our students.

All the degree, certificate and diploma programs provided by Kingsbridge are accredited by GACOI. We have been honored by GACOI’s accreditation because we have managed to come up to their requirements of setting high standards in online education. It’s an achievement for us to be recognized by GACOI as this accreditation body is a mark of quality and supremacy and signifies legality. This affiliation with GACOI makes us eligible to award degrees to students globally.

Requst Information

GACOI is a global accreditation agency which ensures that institutions providing higher education meet adequate levels of quality. GACOI is a private educational association of international scope, which develops evaluation criteria and conducts peer evaluations to assess whether or not those criteria are met. The Global Accreditation Council of Online Institutions and Training is an international agency working towards improving the standards of education worldwide. The agency grants educational accreditation upon evaluation of traditional and non-traditional institutions.

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